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Advanced Tailor, security uniforms, promotional clothing, banking uniforms, clothing with

2010 October 16
Posted by wangbeibei521
Advanced Tailor, security uniforms, promotional clothing, banking uniforms, flight attendant uniforms with one character with the basic skills of garment [1] 1. And gradually build their own dress style and fashion to deal with the objective to impress us today, to wear clothing expert, whether a designer or a celebrity, it is only one reason – they created their own style. A person can not alone make their own set of aesthetics, but it should have its own aesthetic tastes. To accomplish this, can not be swayed by the ever-changing trends, but should appreciate the aesthetic in their tone, by adding elements of fashion at that time, integrated into a personal taste. Integration of the individual temperament, conservation, style, dress will be reflected in personality, but personality is the highest level of dress of the road. 2. Clothes to and your age, identity, status, grow, Professor Ya Bote Western scholars, in the interaction between people, the people’s perception of only 7% of your attention to your conversation is, 38% of Watch your way of expression and communication skills (such as attitude, mood, body language, etc.), but 55% is to determine whether your appearance commensurate with your performance, that is not like you you look like that shown look. Therefore, the job market after the image of those lazy students or casual feminine dream-like style to be active avoidance. With increasing age, job changes, your dress should be commensurate with, remember that dress is your first card. 3. Zhenshanzhibao basic clothing is your dress is not the end of the epidemic, but some basic clothing is unfashionable is said is not popular, such as Skirt, Tweed wide-leg trousers, white shirt … … these are “evergreen tree, altar clothes,” timeless, even 10 years will not be out of date. These clothes are your wardrobe, “Zhenshanzhibao? Not wear good-looking, dressed in a long time, definitely worth it. Have a number of such basic clothing, annual, quarterly as long as the wind according to fashion appropriate to buy some fashion to match on the line. 4. buying and their body, color, temperament can be “compatibility” fine clothes shop windows and elegant stores are professionally designed, and its purpose is to create a special atmosphere, highlighted Dongrenzhichu clothing. However, those who wear or display in the model has beautiful clothes on the shelf is not necessarily suitable for you, do not miss delicate lights and shopping guide in the lobby lost the illusion itself. To avoid confused by temporary shopping atmosphere, it is very important to thoroughly understand the basis of their own courses, read their body, temperament, color, understand their appropriate color and style, will not buy the wrong clothes. Remember, no woman its image is completely satisfied.

“two few more than six” expulsion of toxin the losing weight law

2010 October 15
Posted by wangbeibei521
Wants losing weight, first expulsion of toxin, if sleeps then does not remove cleanly, that easy to cause the abdomen to be obese, the physique variation, is getting more and more fat, therefore, must certainly discharge the toxin promptly. How can that expulsion of toxin? Expulsion of toxin, so long as you follow “few two more than six”, must be able to arrange the clear toxin. Everybody might as well tries following expulsion of toxin the wonderful move! Skillful platoon toxin, skillful losing weight. You have prepared? Two few: 1st, few pressure excessively many pressures, will produce the free radical, will let metabolism slow down, will accumulate the toxin indirectly. 2nd, few insolations Massive insolation in vivo will produce the free radical, will let bodily and flesh’s resistance reduces, toxin accumulation. More than six: 1st, many anti-oxygen The current maintenance chooses as far as possible contains the oxidation resistance ingredient maintenance (for instance: Vitamin C either the grape seed and so on) or the multi-ingestion fruits and vegetables class, can be cut off positively the free radical injury, enhances flesh’s immunity, reduces the toxin the accumulation. 2nd, clear intestines Toxin long-term accumulation in vivo, easy to let the human have the halitosis or the constipation puzzle, therefore we must eat have the vegetable pole spot and green leaf’s green vegetables, fruit contour textile fiber food and the legumes, the red unpolished rice, plain diets and so on entire wheat bread promote the stomach creeping motion. 3rd, multi-breath The deep breathing may transport the nutrient to vivo, discharges the nonessential waste, suggested that every day most little makes 5 minutes deep breathing, or before resting deep breathing, can also help the dormancy. 4th, drinks water Hepatorenal is human body’s disintoxicating organ, drinks water can promote the hepatorenal metabolism. After the morning gets out of bed, drank the cup to add the lemon or the honey lukewarm water first immediately, helped the hepatorenal disintoxicating, every day drank the foot 2000ml water at least. The soaking-bath, is lets the pore using the steam contract, the flesh sweats massively, is absolutely very good expulsion of toxin the law. If were thinking the effect is more remarkable, adds the bath salt to the water, can strengthen elimination harmful, removes the waste. Moreover, every week fixed movement, can also accelerate the lymph circulation, is helpful expulsion of toxin. 6th, is clean Maintains the pore is unimpeded, may help the skin breath, smoothly expulsion of toxin. The flesh expulsion of toxin the maintenance, most takes the clear clean kind, is likely uses cutin or products and so on-depth clean facial mask, carries off the flesh surface the sully, can maintain the pore is unimpeded.

Plain coloured wool dress brim big founder fitness

2010 October 14
Posted by wangbeibei521

Romantic autumn, the dress and worry about how to choose? Joker fashionable edition clipping, warm and comfortable fabric collocation, both single wear or as inside take all show generous beauty, here is all ready to LOOK small make up a few when superman gas plain coloured cashmere dress collocation LOOK! Unique individuality design believe there will be one you like it!
The red can always watermelon foils so soft, five points that hubble-bubble sleeve make plain coloured cashmere skirt more lively, fold wear skirt to render the lace sweet.
And render, but this skirt fold wear long-sleeved dress of the basic cashmere is garment body is different, the design of my pocket break depressing feeling.
Short-sleeved dress, contracted and gray cashmere, simple and convenient, senior cela lovely temperament and ash is ascending branch show class color.
Thick thick BangZhen collar is the Gospel, not only the round-faced MM increased levels of cashmere, and dress collocation modification, kill two birds with one stone faces.

After a summer, suddenly found in various fashion magazine cover, the shop window in delicate, on the streets or lovely girl fashionable suddenly appeared again the thick good shot sweater. Of course this season popularity of coarse good shot sweater, and are quite different in small jasper, no follow the exquisite style, but display a BOBO wind leisure and optional.
BangZhen coarse twisted flowers crosses buttock knitting cardigan collocation low-key small calico and wear out wen rural wind.
Wide hirsute lines long coat, geometric pattern is very bright eye, inside take whatever T-shirt OR shirt, a warm. 1.
Goose yellow knitting cardigan, build inside white dress tall waist, big flower is the pen that nods eyeball bag.
Knitting hirsute line shorts attract eyeball is absolutely critical sheet is tasted, and tidal scarf sweater fell out of fashion, taste to mix up! Up!

Even cap nifty coat most top fashionable out street

2010 October 13
Posted by wangbeibei521

The leisure, sports and cap unlined upper garment is delimit classy cleverness, as the ultimate product mix tiny smallholding of unlined upper garment cap, absolute formidable style amorous feelings or pretending, leisure or formal, cap unlined upper garment to intact interdenominational, said it was not good temper, good temper is super joker, also don’t pick one. So how to build all follow one’s inclinations, also not wrong.
Irregular torn clothes with cap zipper wei’s love mickey long-sleeved T-shirt, super melting and lovely!
Color bright force pick up with five spelling chain wei clothes cap fashion stripe beauty head T-shirt, vitality!
Even the hat and clothes and shorts who ride, plus street sportswear baseball cap and environmental protection bags, youth.
One wipes bosom skirt unlined upper garment, build stripe hat still wearing sexy and relaxed temperament. Don’t forget to add a bracelet such accessories.
Vogue leather, you like the accused the season finally arrived. The continuation of the season on self-cultivation clipping, this season vogue leather elements more diversification, arrive from colour design, a lot more exciting and fashionable degrees of elements. If the MM is preparing to purchase fur, then beforehand one!
Zipper decoration pleat brief paragraph fur clipping is very good, very spirit handsome. Rules apply, more stereo, modified shape. Former pieces of metal zipper pockets both functional and played the adornment effect. Collarband of loops and knitting the slice, add more details, a motorcycle’s manner.
The ultimate mix basic fashion! Classic pure color circle design loosened temperament of sweaters, classic flavour wind nor! Handsome Boylish wind strap flat color design decorate spell boot!
The atmosphere and delicate fur-lined jacket, straightforward and ablaze metal zippers, elaborate design of solid, durable and line pressing cool feeling and wild pocket can be gentle woman and man dragged incisively and vividly the hale car!
Despite monotonous black gray department, white is the season of restoring ancient ways, especially the kingly way – a milky white fur material color van slightly shoulder to, is still chain design hem and gas can disassemble very strong.

Fresh temperament mm of fashion

2010 October 12
Posted by wangbeibei521

Originally simple piece of cloth, plus a belt and want to echo the necklace, has become the lasting appeal of fashion.
The so-called intellectual beauty is so simple and elegant fashion.
Note accessories are often reflect taste and temperament.
South Korea’s big kiss will infect MM has been deeply costumes?herve leger Welcome to everyone. Today is to send you some Korean tide collocation manual, as a Christmas present. Case grain dress collocation to boot, sexy sweetness to lead you to 100%. Brunet dress and beautiful color sweater is tie-in, shoulders beautiful bowknot catch people’s eye.
Features high wool clothing will not pregnant kissing simply dress, bright color, just enough to make people feel sweet spring. Even the collocation of clothing, let your shorts with lovely vigor. The sweater shirts and skirts, fold wear collocation fair maiden temperament.

Ge fei mainstream men kissing pictures son shirt matchs miniskirt,Hermes Birkin plus a knitting coat and tie the bright eye, student’s small gas.

Black gown, 100 fold recreational skirt, panasonic tight tight on top of, very harmonious.

Black short T-shirt in loose white gown outside, with a little short skirt, the sports movement.

Men and women kissing pictures of cowboy boots are embodied in joker, shallow denim boot lit the upper brunet attune.

The white gown matchs skirt rather too insipid, a camouflage vest, modelling added. Immediately fashion,

Dark brown and bright yellow fold wear, Moncler in order to achieve coordinated effect, with the same color boots to echo.

Costume design techniques

2010 October 11
Posted by wangbeibei521

From the whole clothing for contour:
Long and short
Long and short seems to be the most people discuss topics, people in the long and short comments clothes with the word frequency almost as big and small. As women like to buy when the coat in longer cover buttock cover half knee style, it is due to long coat can spin on the vision in the upper part of the body, make the body appears more slender, etc. We can see that the length of the dress collocation is so important. We always according to our ideal of perfect image to dress up oneself, and the us and we have a discrepancy in the idealistic, such as color of skin is too dark, look chubby, abnormal etc. And the clothing of all sorts of design can change or weaken some of our shortcomings, make us to reach the goal of our heart or close, give a person with confidence.
For example, and ankle dress and skirt, two of the 30 cm in length skirts, and the length of the length on clothing is not only on the changes in body, we reflect on the dress and skirt, the dress is not the same effect. The same person wearing short skirt, can give a person with sexy dress, give a person with conservative. Short skirt can spin on the vision of leg ministry line, especially in the five steps away from observing the place. Especially suitable for shorter mm wear. But long skirt is tall mm and leg ministry line is not too good (the truth is a little elephant leg or x leg, etc) mm. Actually 70 meter above angular mm wear short skirt and hot pants and look good, but not too much to the side of gg and considerable pressure mm or frustration, you must be careful! Then a careful is summer wear short skirt of attention must be exposed!
But what about how long is tie-in.
Under the (a) long. In recent years, under the long short is the most popular style collocation. Girls like it can cover the clothes in the human body buttock, the golden ratio, coat tail in the golden ratio in under fluctuate. Design features:
1, can decorate hip big girl, covering the shortcomings, here is the man pear-shaped body. Here are two, one should note only after including hip too smooth, if the girl curl up only after the excessive and crotch too lenient mm, if don’t choose on the whole body said terrorist point is commonly known as the bucket! The second is the effective distance steps away! Too close to the Lou farcing, coxal top unordered natural drape jacket and the hem and thigh behind such a long distance between the hip is critical leakage faults.
2, can form on the vision, let people tall slim illusion! This is because we observe people will have an unconscious state of consciously or unconsciously, his vision of concentrated in the body, we observe people in most of the time (except the part artist, crazy, shoeshine, made the shoes have ulterior motives and with the head, body), down, feet, from top to bottom of observation. One of the total body of observing the 50% to 80%, and we can grow in our next to decorate the height of congenital deficiency, if deserve to go up again the high heel shoes, it can develop more cover power.
(2) on next short length. On next short length is before a few years popular style, now put on that restore ancient ways. But I, the popular wind in dorigo at modern pop, what is there not back! On next short length features:
1, the slender legs, who plays spin, especially for the effect on the short stature under the collocation that people can play a certain role of correction. A Japanese cartoon characters, slender legs always I think maybe that is the effect.
2, short jacket, can highlight a chest, especially in his bosom not satisfied, women can try to choose short jacket to highlight chest, the longest do not exceed the best jacket navel.
(3) and general long. This is the most do not accept an accident collocation. Because this kind of collocation balanced, without too much, don’t know to highlight what, if add a little visible belt, easy to let the bystanders as lazio take effect. And in recent years popular non-mainstream but many such style collocation, I think people aesthetics transition and pop is a great relationship, we are a great number of young people with more or less of the match!!!!!

Broad and narrow
Size is one of our often topic of discussion.
Our men in suits selection purchase often notice is shoulder pads. Because the right shoulder to shoulder, the man fixed line and shape the narrow DaoTiXing man figure. While women will portray a waist fine after lordosis curl can wide charming figure. Among which, we refer to the collocation with learning how size. Well, the crap, should be divided into the following ways:
(a), the narrow. This is the man should have figure. This is the man of standard. Figure If you don’t worry about standard words, we can choose one or more of the chest to widen the fabric of reality is made for wearing. Upload While women differ from man, widen the example that hubble-bubble sleeve, like all of our historical concept put, can let hubble-bubble sleeve shoulder width, thus the narrow, make wearer figure looks a bit “strong”. But because we cannot take off our history and the environment, the public without aesthetic and fabrics, so instead of natural drape is hubble-bubble sleeve bring us relaxed and harmonious youth, the European court of the behavior of female soft style. Again, for example small chest of women, short relatively loose jacket on the vision to enlarge bosom! This is special! Wearing A suit of figure, H.

(2), under the narrow width. This form of clothing first ruled out A figure (is) pear-shaped body wear. While Y shape the girl (is) in the narrow body will have very good effect, because this kind of girl never worry will uncover nakedness loose big and refuse, especially in the short skirt, also suitable for variety again! H figure for women in this dress.
(3), and general wide. General rules and wide collocation in online are hard to find, according to my own opinion, such collocation is very high, can skilled qualitative, colour, material from the aspects of mixed deserve compared to the match, one not careful, might be typical pail waist!

Large and small
Large and small let us consider, that there are many factors.
The big dress, advocate the typical style is hip-hop, wide T-shirt is its representative, someone said fat can wear this type of dress to figure to hide, but I said this is a bit a bit of an exaggeration, this means also please his comments!
Another is that not all big clothes can let you wear the place looks great, such as t-shirts, because it belongs to the summer clothing, T-shirt drooping extremely thin fabric, slant, if chest flat women chose this dress, I guess the other eye can see out. So if not plump bosom, we can choose the fabric surface is rich, hairy fabrics in external covering, likewise, also can use visual design highlights the body of a transfer to other places, such as the face, hands, to uncover her nakedness, etc, observer ignore here. We can also increase the scarf, or most of the cover to cover bosom line.
Big and small undertakes collocation later will have very good effect. Such as partial coarse thigh calf good girl can choose except black belt in the fold at the blue skirt with black pants on collocation, the color is masked thigh skirt can let beautiful bulky, leg to show, this is the method of collocation frequently-employed. Avoid is don’t wear a pair of boots, that would put out just to appear to eliminate the calf, and return to normal!

Square with round
This square with round refers to people with feeling, also includes many round, such as various lines straight and music.
Generally speaking, a piece of clothing lines and curves are combined, we observe a dress is man or woman clothes on the adornment style but also on design is very easy. The most obvious differences such as round ashdod and chest in the buttocks, round, we choose the coat and trousers when they can find.
Our style from early have agreed ChengSu, men and women with more line, it shall constitute boomerang from men and women in the sense that gives a person is: man, muscle strength, key words is brave and composed, if use some noun instead of words, there are many, such as steel, stone, sunshine, etc, these the sense that gives a person is square, dazzling sense; While women the sense that gives a person is beautiful, enchanting, tenderness, gentleness, etc, find some words may be the association, the flow of willows breeze flow, etc, these the sense that gives a person is slowly warm curvilinear beauty. This is the difference on the characteristics and posture.
According to the characteristics of clothing for decoration. Men and women are also depends on human characteristics (including face, body, expression, hair, skin, pupil, etc.), his hands to dress style, fashion, wearing occasions, such as season. For example, from pop, in recent years popular up dressed in costumes from many, we will see women dress properly added many men dress in, for example, we often see in female coat, representing the masculine military representatives in men with straight loops, see the winding dress embroider design etc.

Yi gems are YuanShi for light – 9, jadeite jade, jade jewelry

2010 October 9
Posted by wangbeibei521

The love of jewelry, seems to be a woman of nature. Or, or pure glittering and translucent get rid of, or noble, or pure natural, jewelry, unreal involves charming gesture, the female deposited in a woman’s feelings, the ornament of the wrist, between the neck or under the sky like a star,Moncler flashing and lasting sheen. Jewelry of female people, it is the ultimate temptation. And in the high street fashion, men also have thrown into, can do not deserve agitation of exaggeration say: everyone loves jewellery. Familiar with the fashion of wenzhou LinHuaRong woman, chose the jewelry industry as the beauty of the direction of their own business, she’s smart and courage, established own brand, in life and career, delineate wonderful moving brushstroke. Back in time to 1999, LinHuaRong in west lake front walk, carved piece of stone “karma” word broke into her eye. Sensitivity as her immediately, inspiration, “long YuanShi has three characters:” into her mind. In traditional Chinese culture LinHuaRong insightful, “margin” and “stone”, just take meaning since our profound culture. Since ancient times, Chinese culture is very stressing “edge”, love, friendship and love… Many of the destiny, and then, friend, phase, love, In Chinese ancient jade, jade culture is a kind of identity and status symbol of didier deschamps, is to find a love jade, also need the fate, and, in the traditional culture, jade and peace, to ward off evil spirits, and good moral, exquisite stone in people’s hearts is a beautiful legend, is one of the elves, is also a singing best wishes. So, “destiny” met LinHuaRong – a real chance to understand life of woman, jade, jade has met her more colorful fate. So LinHuaRong company name is “zhejiang predestiny when jewelry Co., LTD”, “YuanShi has a more perfect, then, LinHuaRong provided” have YuanShi “more profound and is full of romantic charm, the brand connotation is the” nine YuanShi have long.” “Long” from “have YuanShi” brand since the establishment of a widely circulated to know: “and looking for a long time, meet YuanShi”, meaning there is everlasting, long, While the ancient Chinese digital “9″, which is a dragon, with forcefulness of supreme,Hermes Birkin “Nine” 2 words for LinHuaRong is good to see her, she led the team), can have clever, responsibility, sincere and brave, and see more of their own design jewelry, by the love can claim the stone, the dream of a lover, jack shall have Jill. She “ting” stone form as the background, design “long YuanShi have nine to five words”, “nine” 2 words for concealed, far look seem to be ShouShi texture, this unique design and gives YuanShi “deeper”, “the cultural connotation of” nine years YuanShi there is English “u”, for the required – “you, only, unique valuablejade”, LinHuaRong design every gem, have their own unique meaning, she will be unique concept of custom, melts into the design of daily, this is the woman’s exquisite, is she to design. All women are beautiful, libra appearance elegant attitude, they set “man” and “beauty of intellectual woman in a” display elegant appearance, the woman delicate taste, thought is permeated with rich men intelligence logic. And the woman of beauty docile, is a typical small libra woman, her strong dedication and energy of women in secret hiding after it is tender and admirable.

Autumn evening twilight early, LinHuaRong office, I finally met a beautiful legend of the great cause of beautiful young woman — zhejiang predestiny when the chief designer jewelry company, “long YuanShi” brand are nine and librarian. My surprise, upon her, not the spirit of the winner, filled with downy and intellectual, only in her chance of meditation, in the shining diamond shining eyes, for a moment, can catch her career to firm and persistent.herve leger We chatted with life, jewelry, whilst surprisingly her, “I was there, the ambitious goal woman”. And LinHuaRong talking for a long time, I realized that she is so mean, indeed, she loves trade, but she went on women’s perspective, running her career, in her trade status, she is a woman of life, like the wen jade.

Colour collocation principles and taboos

2010 October 8
Posted by wangbeibei521

A, unbleached: red, yellow, and blue
Answer: the red color = red orange yellow + + blue = purple yellow + blue = green
JianSe: yellow + orange yellow orange + green = = brown
B, color is
1) : refers to colorific hue of cold, warm mutually
2) : refers to the purity of colour purity
3) : refers to the colour lightness of brightness
C, clothing, clothing color classification
Warm 1) : red, orange, yellow, pink
2) cool color, green, blue, purple, green, ash
2) demitint; Black and white, coffee
D, colour collocation principles
Cool cool + 1)
2 + warm warm)herve leger
3 + demitint cool)
4) warm + demitint
5) demitint + demitint
6) solid-color + pure color
7) clean lubricious pure color (+ noise
8) solid-color + design
E, the collocation of color taboo
1) cool color + warm color
Bright light + 2)
3) dark + dark
4) noise + noise
5) design + design
F, clothing colorific collocation methodHermes Birkin
1) on the shallow depth, dignified, elegant, peaceful and serious
2) under the shallow depth: lively and lively, cheerful and confident
3) outstanding coat: pants than deep coat color
4) outstanding pants when: coat color than the pants a bit deep
5) green color is tie-in, can dress collocation with brown collocation are together
6) coat has lateral pattern can wear pants, stripe or grid
7) coat is vertical lines should avoid horizontal pattern, pants stripe or grid
8) coat should wear the pants, noise is pure color
9) pants is noise, coat should avoid noise
10) coat pattern, larger or complex pure color should wear pantsMoncler
Among 11) of pure color and pure color collocation, should undertake collocation with small decorations

Teach the collocation of color and clothing

2010 October 7
Posted by wangbeibei521

Makeup training school when you’re wearing a new dress, relish expecting friends or colleagues praised, their response is: “what’s wrong with you? You look terrible, is sick?” This sentence is really disppointing. Afterwards, you may have thought about what is the reason? The color and color is not caused by the skin, everyone has a fundamental key color, with some very close, but some will be affected, becomes gloomy, to identify the color, suitable for you to find your first tone of the skin.
White fair-skinneding skin:
Shanghai disguise school Shanghai makeup training school is white fair-skinneding skin qualities and cheeks classics sun is basked in, have this type to aglow skin of women is lucky, because most of the color can make a fair skin more beautiful and moving, the color of yellow and blue department in the most can highlight white skin, make whole appears, such as Ming pale orange tonal, citric yellow, green apple, red, shamrock, etc. The most appropriate color bright,

Brown skin:
Tonal darker skin for some people, make you seem tan is more personality. Blackish green, red, brown, yellow will make you seem natural elegance, instead of blue and you are the best, don’t wear blue fastens coat.

Yellowish or slant yellow skin:
Shanghai disguise school makeup training school of skin slant yellow wear blue clothing, such as wine red, violet, purple and blue wait for color, can make more white face, but intense yellow fastens as brown, tangerine, etc, best can not wear, lest make complexion does not wear dark yellow no more.

Health wheat color:
Makeup school training school in Shanghai with this skin makeup color gives a person the women feel healthy and lively, black and white contrast to this kind of collocation of surprisingly close with them, and ashes, and such heavy fact tonal pink, red, and green these bright-coloured colour can highlight open a most

Sexy short boots together beautiful leg into stars

2010 October 6
Posted by wangbeibei521

A quarter of the year “and” boots to ~ the chalaza short boots restoring ancient ways is popular the autumn collection. It doesn’t block leg or your favorite leggings. Trival design can like Sally’s mace – a sample, deduce institute wind, or as oliveira – Palermo collocation gives gentle temperament.herve leger
The British are filled with small coat of nifty bunt set of Victoria – fine silk smile more sweet. Big fish mouth chalaza boots to lower a black show pink nail polish, quite lovely. Alexander: Wang shoes brand.
Sally’s coat, blackish green, along with the gender, loose hot pants short boots when small beautiful leg with big-name gas.
Hollow-out Versus little ceremony skirt and not expose much sexy temptation, clear blue will we reaction of sweet beauty B foil acme. This pair of shoes actually have 3 kinds of color, but we see only the positive light blue, achieve and dress photograph should call. The purple and dark gray’s side, and some blue relaxed, finally the woman mysterious allure brought in.
Brazilian model phil south – motta in fashion week in a black dress, using different material, make an administrative levels feeling. As for the black Ruffian and ankle boots, appear the ankle, the fine tall out.Hermes Birkin
Red streaks of grey cardigan let skin looks more white, the tide son embrace her more dazzling. Bice render pants and a pair of feet transition zone of ash red boots and cardigan echo, integral color is very harmonious.

Big collarband let nikki – this ordinary TEE Hilton has also won the match, all the more, a pair of short boots low-key recreational feeling.
The pale pink shirt is tie-in a brown and edge knickers, simple combination of leisure create quite a dress up. M Sally – barton Zara pair of feet for whole mouth fish, add a lot of height.Moncler
Red case grain shirt, hale jeans coat collocation handsome, those basic black chalaza boots collocation, sexy black stockings.
Miley Cyrus arrives at – Cyrus black is tight dress sexy, collocation of black boots, thickening of more sexy charm.
Jessica – hart perspective, sexy lace blouse beautiful leg pants short boots was beautiful.